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15 March 2022

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1920s Radio – Phantom Dancer 15 March 2022

Greg Poppleton's Phantom Dancer swing jazz radio show

Rare 1920s radio is this week’s Phantom Dancer feature artist.

The Phantom Dancer is your weekly non-stop mix of swing and jazz from live 1920s-60s radio and TV every week.

LISTEN to this week’s Phantom Dancer mix (online after 2pm AEST, Tuesday 15 March) and two years of Phantom Dancer mixes online at, at

Rare 1920s radio in a simulated radio broadcast over the Warner Brothers’ radio station KFWB Los Angeles, filmed for Vitaphone Varieties in 1929, with Roy Fox and his Orchestra…


The rare 1920s radio from 1928, includes two extant examples of a number of recorded broadcasts that year featuring ‘The Happy Hour Boys’ and the Ray Nichols Orchestra on WAAM Newark NJ. They were aired and recorded specifically to test Edison long playing diamond discs.

The programs were a demonstration of the audio quality of the quarter inch discs. As the WAAM announcer said, concluding the 9 Sep 1928 test broadcast featuring WAAM’s ‘Happy Hour Boys’ , the show, in co-operation with Edison engineers was ‘a test of the long-distance (sic) record. We hope its success will be huge, indeed.”

The Edison Diamond Disc Record was a type of phonograph record marketed by Thomas A. Edison, Inc. on their Edison Record label from 1912 to 1929. They were named Diamond Discs because the matching Edison Disc Phonograph was fitted with a permanent conical diamond stylus for playing them. Diamond Discs were incompatible with lateral-groove disc record players, e.g. the Victor Victrola, the disposable steel needles of which would damage them while extracting hardly any sound. Uniquely, they are just under 1⁄4 in (6.0 mm; 0.235 in) thick.

In 1926, an attempt at reviving interest in Edison records was made by introducing a long-playing Diamond Disc which still rotated at 80 rpm but tripled the standard groove pitch to 450 threads per inch by using an ultra-fine groove, achieving a playing time of 24 minutes per 10-inch disc (12 on each side) and 40 minutes per 12-inch disc (these were the only 12-inch Diamond Discs ever sold to the public). A special reproducer and modified feed screw mechanism were required to play them. There were problems with skipping, groove wall breakdown, overall low volume (about 40% of that of the regular Diamond Discs), and a failure to exploit the format by releasing a limited number of discs. Only 14 different Edison Long Play discs were issued before they were discontinued.

The Lee Sisters’ sound-on-disc Vitaphone appearance in 1929…


Another rare 1920s radio braodcast on this week’s Phantom Dancer is from 4 May 1929. The Brunswick Balke Collender company, which manufactured radio sets and records, booked time on WABC New York, after its broadcast day to air the radio experiment.

The experiment was a test of the audio quality of a Brunswick radio set. The test itself was a broadcast of a commissioned musical program over WABC which was then recorded off-air as it was picked up by a Brunswick radio receiver. It was, in effect, an early ‘home recording’, but not the first. a radio enthusiast in New York had recorded morse code radio off the air onto cylinder in 1915. That recording is lost, but an airing of the the original cylinder on a 1933 radio show exists.

1927 Vitaphone clip of The Revellers…


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Set 1
1940s Swing Radio
Pretty Little Petticoat (theme) + A Symphony Under the Stars
Raymond Scott Orchestra
Brunswick Hotel
WBZ NBC Bosyon
6 Dec 1941
I Dreamt I Dwelt in Harlem
Mal Hallett Orchestra
‘Spotlight Bands’
AFRS Hollywood
7 Jun 1945
Moten Swing + Cirribiiribin (theme)
Harry James Orchestra
Casino Gardens
Ocean Park Ca
Set 2
Trad Jazz Radio
You Don’t Understand
Chris Barber Band
BBC Light Program
9 May 1955
Everybody Loves My Baby
Chris Barber Band
BBC Light Program
9 May 1955
Basin Street Blues
Kid Ory
Club Hangover
KCBS San Francisco
25 Dec 1954
March of the Bob Cats + Honeysuckle Rose + Theme
Jack Teagarden
Club Hangover
KCBS San Francisco
24 Apr 1954
Set 3
Modern Jazz on 1950s-60s Radio
Theme + A Woman’s Place is in the Groove
Vivien Garry Quintet
‘Jazz Club USA’
Voice of America
Get Outta Town
Patti McGovern
‘Jazz International’
AFRTS Hollywood
16 Jun 1960
The Price is Right
Henry Red Allen Trio
London House
WBBM CBS Chicago
30 Mar 1962
Set 4
1928-29 Radio
Onward Christian Soldiers + Beautiful Isle of Somewhere
John A Scott (organ and voc), Mr Greenfield (voc)
WAAM Newark NJ
Edison Diamond Disc Long Play Test Transcription
In Dreams I Kiss Your Hand, Madam
Dick Robertson
‘Brunswick Program’
4 May 1929
Button Up Your Overcoat
Zelma O’Neill
‘Brunswick Program’
4 May 1929
I Can’t Give You Anything But Love + In My Bouquet of Memories
Ray Nichols OrchestraWAAM Newark NJ
Edison Diamond Disc Long Play Test Transcription
4 Dec 1928
Set 5
Jack Hylton Orchestra
White Horse Inn Medley: You Too + White Horse Inn + Goodbye
Jack Hylton Orchestra
Comm Rec
13 Apr 1931

Hylton Stomp
Jack Hylton Orchestra
Comm Rec
12 Oct 1932
Today I Feel So Happy
Jack Hylton Orchestra (voc)
Comm Rec
7 Sep 1931
Set 6
Male Harmony Singers
I’ve Got a Locket in My Pocket
Art Kassels and his Kassels-in-the Air Trio and Orchestra
Radio Transcription
Take It From Me
The Three Ambassadors (voc) Gus Arnheim Orchestra
Cocoanut Grove
Radio Transcription
Los Angeles
Chi-Baba Chi-Baba
Lionel Hampton (voc) Hamp Tones
Casa Manana
Culver City Ca
20 Jul 1947
Tiger Rag
The Inkspots
12 Jul 1939
Set 7
Benny Goodman Women Singers
Crazy Rhythm
Helen Ward (voc) Benny Goodman Orchestra
‘Let’s Dance’
8 Dec 1934
If It’s The Last Thing I Do
Martha Tilton (voc) Benny Goodman Orchestra
‘Camel Caravan’
16 Nov 1937
It’s So Peaceful in the Country
Peggy Lee (voc) Benny Goodman Orchestra
Meadowbrook Ballroom
Cedar Grove NJ
WOR Mutual NY
20 Sep 1941
Little White Lies
Patti Page (voc) Benny Goodman Sextet
‘One Night Stand’
The Click
AFRS Re-broadcast
3 Jun 1948
Set 8
Jazz Moderne
Ben Webster Quintet
I Cover The Waterfront
Lester Young Sextet
‘Symphony Sid Show’
Royal Roost
4 Dec 1948
Chasin’ The Bird
Charlie Parker Sextet
‘Symphony Sid Show’
Royal Roost
12 Mar 1949
All Gigs
12:04 pm - 2:00 pm
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