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24 August 2021

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Benny Goodman Goes Bop, Re-Learns Clarinet – Phantom Dancer 24 August 2021

Greg Poppleton's Phantom Dancer swing jazz radio show

Benny Goodman goes Bop from live 1948-49 radio is this week’s Phantom Dancer feature artist. The Sydney Covid Lockdown worsens, so again, unfortunately, I must premier a Phantom Dancer classic. I’m itching to make new mixes and write new bios for you live in the studio soon.

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BENNYBy the late 1940s, as you’ll hear on today’s Phantom Dancer, Goodman had moved from swing to bop, gaining praise from jazz critics for his recordings.Goodman had broken up his swing orchestra in 1947, although he continued to assemble big bands and small groups for touring and recording throughout the remainder of his career.He halfheartedly embraced the bebop movement and in the late 1940s made several recordings with noted bop musicians. Although Goodman’s solos were firmly in the old school, the blend of the two styles was effective.


His orchestra and his small groups became bop oriented. He hired many from the bop second wave to create the right sound, including Buddy Greco (who also sang), Zoot Sims and Wardell Gray.

For bop clarinet, Goodman was much influenced by Swedish clarinetist Stan Hasselgard. For some arrangements and bebop advice, he went to pianist Mary Lou Williams. Interestingly, during this time, Goodman changed his clarinet technique, “In 1949, when he was 40, Goodman decided to study with Reginald Kell, one of the world’s leading classical clarinetists. To do so, he had to change his entire technique: instead of holding the mouthpiece between his front teeth and lower lip, as he had done since he first took a clarinet in hand 30 years earlier, Goodman learned to adjust his embouchure to the use of both lips and even to use new fingering techniques. He had his old finger calluses removed and started to learn how to play his clarinet again—almost from scratch.”

Initially, he enjoyed the humour in bop, saying about a Thelonius Monk piece, “I like it, I like that very much. I like the piece and I like the way he played it. I think he’s got a sense of humour and he’s got some good things there.”

But within eighteen months bop frustrated Goodman and he returned to swing. In fact, he had changed his mind so completely about bop that in 1953 he was quoted, “Maybe bop has done more to set music back for years than anything. Basically it’s all wrong. It’s not even knowing the scales. Bop was mostly publicity and people figuring angles.” Read trumpeter Al Stewart’s first hand account of playing in Benny Goodman’s bop band


Play List – The Phantom Dancer
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Set 1
1940s Radio Big Bands 
Open + Memories of You (theme) + Begin the Beguine
Sonny Dunham Orchestra
‘One Night Stand’ Cafe Rouge Hotel Pennsylvania NYC AFRS Re-broadcast 14 Apr 1944
That’s My Type
Bob Crosby Orchestra
‘One Night Stand’ Palladium Ballroom Hollywood AFRS Re-broadcast 21 Feb 1946
Candy Kid’s Note To A Classy Chassis + Close
Vaughn Monroe Orchestra
‘One Night Stand’ Commodore Hotel NYC AFRS Re-broadcast 8 Feb 1945
Set 2
Latin Music 
Open + Tico Tico
Lena Romay
‘Personal Album’ AFRS Hollywood 1945
Open + Amor Amor + Besume Mucho
Xavier Cugat (voc) Del Campo
‘One Night Stand’ Trocadero Hollywood AFRS Re-broadcast 18 Feb 1945
Cabando Canha + + The Moon is in My Heart + Close
Enric Madreguera and his Music of the Americas (voc) Eddie Gomez
‘One Night Stand’ Copacabana NYC AFRS Re-broadcast 1949
Set 3
Chamber Music Society 
Open + Carry Me Back To Old Virginny
Henry Levine
‘Chamber Music Society of Lower Basin Street’ WJZ NBC Blue 21 Jul 1941
Blow The Man Down
Diane Courtney
‘Chamber Music Society of Lower Basin Street’ WJZ NBC Blue 21 Jul 1941
Three Valve Jump
Erskine Hawkins
‘Chamber Music Society of Lower Basin Street’ WJZ NBC Blue 21 Jul 1941
Clarinet in a Haunted House
Paul Lavalle Woodwinds
‘Chamber Music Society of Lower Basin Street’ WJZ NBC Blue 21 Jul 1941
Set 4
Benny Goodman Bop Radio 
Undercurrent Blues
Benny Goodman Orchestra
‘One Night Stand’ Palladium Ballroom Hollywood AFRS Re-broadcast 1949
Limehouse Blues
Benny Goodman Sextet
‘One Night Stand’ The Click Philadelphia AFRS Re-broadcast 3 Jun 1948
Blue Lou
Benny Goodman Sextet
‘One Night Stand’ Palladium Ballroom Hollywood AFRS Re-broadcast 1949
Body and Soul
Benny Goodman Trio
‘One Night Stand’ The Click Philadelphia AFRS Re-broadcast 3 Jun 1948
Set 5
Artie Shaw 
Nightmare (theme) + Rose Room
Artie Shaw Orchestra
Summer Terrace Ritz Carlton Room WNAC NBC Red Boston 19 Sep 1939
The Lamp is Low
Artie Shaw Orchestra (voc) Helen Forrest
‘Melody and Madness’ WABC CBS NY 22 Aug 1939
Jungle Drums
Artie Shaw Orchestra
Blue Room Hotel Lincoln WEAF NBC Red NY 18 Jan 1939
St Louis Blues + Nightmare (theme)
Artie Shaw Orchestra
Cafe Rouge Hotel Pennsylvania WEAF NBC Red NY 19 Oct 1939
Set 6
1930s Radio 
Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gave To Me
Kay Kyser and his Band from the Carolines (voc) Sully Mason and Band
Aircheck 12 Jun 1934
Here Comes Cookie
Henry Busse Orchestra (voc) Marion Holmes
Radio Transcription 1935
Hal Kemp Orchestra (voc) Deane Janis
Radio Transcription 1934
Fine and Dandy
Anson Weeks Orchestra (voc) The Rhythmsters
Radio Transcription 1932
Set 7
1920s Radio 
What a Day!
Eskimo Pie Orchestra (voc) Kay Parker
‘The Eskimo Pie Program’ Jul 1929
The Man From the South
Ted Weems Orchestra (voc) Arthur Jarrett and Parker Gibbs
Comm Rec Chicago 2 Dec 1929
1927 Radio Routine
Bing Crosby and Judy Garland
‘Bing Crosby Show’ KECA ABC LA 5 Oct 1947
Set 8
Women Singers on the Air 
The Starlit Hour
Ella Fitzgerald (voc) Ella Fitzgerald Orchestra
Savoy Ballroom WEAF NBC Red NY 26 Feb 1940
Mean To Me
Sarah Vaughan (voc) Billy Eckstine Orchestra
‘Jubilee’ AFRS Hollywood Feb 1945
Mad About The Boy
Lena Horne (voc) Fletcher Henderson Orchestra
‘Jubilee’ AFRS Hollywood 1944
No Love, No Nothin’
Dinah Washington (voc) Lionel Hampton Orchestra
‘One Night Stand’ Trianon Ballroom Culver City Ca AFRS Re-broadcast 16 Jun 1944
All Gigs
12:04 pm - 2:00 pm
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