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Party Testimonials, Case Studies and Photos

Greg Poppleton has played many birthday parties in small houses, grand houses, backyards, harbour cruises, parks, pubs, hotels, golf clubs, bowling clubs, retirement villages and harbourside mansions.
We've played at 21st birthdays and every age up to a 120! See the 1920s-30s Song List.
Do you have a 1920s-40s song you want specially played? We can do that, too!
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Birthday Party Case Studies

35th Birthday Backyard Party

We've played many happy backyard birthday parties in marquees or under trees.

The four to six-piece band is most often used.

If you're not using a marquee, the band simply requires a shaded location with a dry and level surface. 

While it's always good to tell your neighbours you're having live music, or even invite them to the party, Greg Poppleton is not a loud band.

And since the musicianship is world-class, none of the dozens of backyard birthday parties we have played at have ever received a neighbourhood complaint.

Greg Poppleton 1920s Orchestra Canberra-Centenary_Dance_Floor_at_Midnight.jpg

100th Birthday

The Australian capital celebrated its 100 birthday in 2013.

Greg Poppleton's 1920s Orchestra were the band for the official 1920s Gala. The Gala was held on iconic, art deco Albert Hall on the 'Canberra Day Weekend'.

The Greg Poppleton 10-piece 1920s orchestra, with Australia's only authentic 1920s - 1930s singer Greg Poppleton singing, had the crowd dancing past midnight (as you can see in the photo).

The orchestra plays a mix of hot 1920s jazz, novelty and jazz age pop songs from arrangements published in the Roaring 20s for absolute vo-de-oh-doh authenticity. See the song list.

1920s jazz trio.jpg

21st Birthday - House Party

Greg Poppleton fell in love with the music of the 1920s-30s after hearing Louis Armstrong at the age of three. He listened to it all through his teenage years despite his friends' disapproval. Read the Sydney Morning Herald article.

It was an act of rebellion. So he has a special affinity to Jazz Age / Speakeasy / Gatsby themed 21st Birthday Parties.

"1920s-30s music is fun and great to hang out to," says Greg.

"It's also anarchic. There are no bores at 1920s-30s 21st parties."

"Instead, every 1920s themed 21st I've played at has been full of creative and determined leaders, friends, dancing and love."

Mostly for 21st birthday house parties, the quartet is booked. In the photo, the band is vocals, trumpet doubling sousaphone, alto sax doubling clarinet (you can't see him because he took the picture) and guitar doubling banjo.

This talented family recently re-booked Greg Poppleton for a second family birthday at Luna Park.


Birthday House Parties

The brief for house parties, from small to mansions (where the photo was taken) is simple:

1. Respect your family, guests, house, furnishings and your neighbours, and;

2. Celebrate a loved person's life by creating WOW! 

And WOW is what Greg Poppleton specialises in. He's:

1. Australia's only authentic 1920s - 1930s singer. Operatically trained. Professional film and TV actor.

2. World-toured jazz and swing musicians who have played with the very best at 1000s of parties.

The quartet size is the most booked band size for house parties. For whom have we played? Private parties are private.



We've played for
- Canberra's 100th Birthday
- Royal Sydney Golf Club's 120th
- Schools and Universities Club's 101st
-McDonald Performing Arts School's 100th
- Sydney Harbour Bridge's 75th
- Film Australia's 60th

“My, what a wonderful time we had on Saturday night! I am receiving so many emails and phone calls of congratulations - some saying it was the best party they have ever been to! Now, that IS high praise!! Many people on the night said how lovely the music was, and how good it was not drowning out all conversation. I want to thank you Greg, for playing the songs I requested of you from yesteryear. They really transported me back to another era!”
Maggi Brown, Birthday Party, South Coogee

“Thank you so much for Friday. Everyone had an absolute blast and we have received nothing but positive feedback! Greg Poppleton was a complete success.”
Shannon Phelan, Events Manager, The Royal Sydney Golf Club 120th Birthday Gala (Re-booked twice)

“The music Greg provided was just right for our event... Background dinner music...A set of swing music for guests to dance to...Excellent vocal highlights of standard classics from the 20s and 30s.”
Richard Hunter, Development Manager, McDonald Performance Arts, 100th Birthday Gala