Saving A Big Band Show For A Client

Initially the client wanted a big band. They'd already advertised the show as 'Swing Era', 'Glenn Miller',  'Big Band'.

But a budget blow-out meant that the client needed a smaller band urgently - a band that could still create a big sound and a dynamic show through an energetic singer and front man.

The Solution:
Call Australia's only authentic 1920s-30s singer - the client went for the six-piece Greg Poppleton jazz deco band.

After that, no-one in the client group, or the audience, gave the 'Swing Era', 'Glenn Miller' Big Band a second thought.

Greg Poppleton is Australia's only authentic 1920s-30s singer and band leader.

He delivered a mix of Jazz Deco swingers and ballads in English, Spanish, German and Italian, with the following band line-up:
Greg Poppleton - authentic 1920s-30s singer
Al Davey - trumpet and trombone
Paul Furniss - alto sax and clarinet
Grahame Conlon - swing guitar and banjo
Dave Clayton - double bass
Lawrie Thompson - swing drums
SwingKatz - swing dance lessons and demonstration

The Result:
The audience sang along and filmed and laughed and danced for a two hour show including lunch.

The client said they would definitely book the band again.

Greg Poppleton jazz deco band and SwingKatz swing dancers
Greg Poppleton jazz deco band and SwingKatz swing dancers


Because of the size of the room and the number of guests, 130, we provided our own digital sound system.

We created a pleasant sound for the audience mixed by our engineer with ipad via a wireless connection.

This is something we can do for audiences up to 5000 people.

We filled the big band's shoes and more. Need an exciting band?

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