Professional Alumni Event Sparks With 1920s Trio

The Greg Poppleton jazz deco 1920s trio were hired to entertain with real Great Gatsby music for a 1920s-themed professional gathering at Sydney's Arthouse Hotel.

Authentic 1920s singer, world-toured guitar, banjo and sousaphone, excellent sound, and interesting people made this professional networking event spark.

“The band were fantastic. They reaĺly made the night a success.” — Anne Lyell, The Chiropractic Alumni

Greg Poppleton authentic 1920s singer and Cazzbo sousaphone

As members of the profession networked, Greg Poppleton, authentic 1920s singer accompanied by Grahame Conlon banjo and guitar, and Cazzbo Johns sousaphone, played their authentic 1920s repertoire with entertaining style and at background level.

Greg Poppleton 1920s singer at Chiropractic alumni event

When guests wanted to dance, we happily obliged with The Charleston, a tango or a slow foxtrot.

Sound was supplied with the band by OzManagement.

Greg Poppleton 1920s Trio

Tony Jex, at OzManagement, is the band's booker. When you book Greg Poppleton, Tony can also supply you, at your request, sound, lights and staging in a one-stop shop A/V deal.

It saves you time and money.

And it guarantees you perfect sound and ambience every time.

Have Australia's only authentic 1920s - 1930s singer Greg Poppleton and his band to Orchestra at your event.

We can add swing dancers, dance lessons, sound, lights and staging. Tell us your requirements in the message section of the contact page.

Greg Poppleton, authentic 1920s singer based in Sydney

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Thank you Aron Downie from Macquarie University for the photos and for permission to use them.