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I’m In a Short Comedy

Below are photos by Mark Chew taken on set during the making of the short comedy, The End, The Beginning (instagram @the_end_the_beginning_film). It’s a playful view of a teenager finding purpose in a world being shut down by climate change. directed by Archie Chew, written by Sam Herriman.

I play Gregory Gregory Senior, father, bibliophile, bookseller and survivalist.

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At the bottom of this blog you’ll see two clips of my character Gregory Gregory Snr proudly showing you around his home.

The first runs 16 seconds. The second runs 1’18 seconds.

“The End, The Beginning” tracks the relationship between a teenage girl (Skye) and her father (Finn). Based in the postcard town of Collector this absurd, comical romp follows Skye as she and the townspeople come to grips with the knowledge that the world is ending due to climate change. Our film playfully examines what it means to be a young person searching for purpose. Skye initially views her father as a villain however our film concludes when she finally sees her fathers vulnerability and ultimately his humanity.

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