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– Lester Young Genius Killed By Alcohol – 13 March 2021 Phantom Dancer

Lester Young, jazz tenor saxophonist called ‘The Prez’, is this week’s Phantom Dancer feature artist from live 1940s-50s broadcasts. Young was one of the most influential saxophinists, playing “a free-floating style, wheeling and diving like a gull, banking with low, funky riffs that pleased dancers and listeners alike”. Alcohol killed him.

– Ruth Etting, Radio Sweetheart and Domestic Violence – Phantom Dancer 6 Apr 2021

Ruth Etting was a US singer/actress of the 1920s and 1930s. She never had voice lessons and had over 60 hit recordings. She worked on stage, radio and film. She was known as ‘America’s Radio Sweetheart’ and was also involved in a famous case of domestic violence with her mobster first husband. Read her story, Phantom Dancer play list, see videos and listen to the show here

– John Kirby Sextet – Phantom Dancer Radio 9 March 2021

John Kirby, double bassist, tuba and trombone player, 1930s proponent of ‘Chamber Jazz’, Bach fan, and band leader is this week’s Phantom Dancer feature artist with Greg Poppleton. Read his story, see videos, see the radio playlist and listen to the show here

– Phil Harris – Phantom Dancer 23 February 2021

Phil Harris is this week’s Phantom Dancer feature artist. Wonga Phil Harris was a drummer, band leader, singer, comedian, actor, Academy Award winner and voice-over artist.

Hear him on Greg Poppleton’s award-winning Phantom Dancer radio show. Every Tuesday on 107.3 2SER Sydney and online.

– Rudy Vallee, The First Teen Idol – Phantom Dancer 19 January 2021

Rudy Vallée was an American singer, composer, musician, actor and radio host. He was one of the first teen idols, the first to sing into a PA, the first to use a theremin and an electric banjo in a dance band, and one of the first to admit to using recording equipment in his daily music practice. He’s this week’s Phantom Dancer feature artist.

rudy vallee megaphone
– Big Maybelle – Phantom Dancer 6 October 2020

Big Maybelle, r’n’b singer, is this week’s Phantom Dancer feature artist. You’ll hear her from a 1956 Rock ‘n’ Roll Dance Party radio show. You’ll also hear from the bands she sang with before her solo singing career.

– Hal Kemp – Phantom Dancer 21 July 2020

Hal Kemp is this week’s Phantom Dancer feature artist in 1930s radio broadcasts and his last musical short film from 1940. The Phantom Dancer is on-air and online from this Tuesday 21 July on 107.3 2SER Sydney.


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