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NIGHT & DAY Video - Greg Poppleton Quartet WATCH


– Night and Day

Night and Day sung by Greg Poppleton with his trio and swing dancers. Filmed at the 2019 Vintage Transport Expo at Sydney’s Central Station.

– The Hydro Express

We took a trip on a train, and we thought about you. Saturday 24 February and Sunday 25 February, Greg Poppleton authentic 1920s-30s singer, and Grahame Conlon guitar, serenaded passengers on two special historic train trips run by friends at the NSW Rail Museum. And here am I, holding a contemplative pose, thinking about you […]

1920s jazz duo
– Fletcher Henderson – 11 February 2020 Phantom Dancer

Fletcher Henderson studied chemistry and maths. When he turned to music he changed jazz forever, introducing swing arrangements in the 1920s, bringing Louis Armstrong to NYC and making music literacy popular. Hear him on 1940s radio on this week’s Phantom Dancer with Greg Poppleton.

fletcher henderson and louis armstrong
– Great Art Deco Ball 2020

Great Art Deco Ball 2020 photos and story. Greg Poppleton returned to the Great Art Deco Ball in 2020 with a full dance floor and 2 encores.

– Backyard Birthday Party

Birthday party testimonial: “My thanks to the Greg Poppleton band. They were superb. They made the event wonderful,” Jan, 1920s-30s Backyard Birthday Party

– 1929-31 Radio – Phantom Dancer 4 Feb 2020

This week’s Phantom Dancer on radio and online, presented by 1920-30s singer Greg Poppleton, is the first live mix for the new twenties. The feature artist is earliest jazz radio from transcriptions recorded between January 1929 and 1931.

– Weekly Swing Radio Show – Phantom Dancer 14 Jan 2020

Your feature artists on this week’s Phantom Dancer with Greg Poppleton – your two hour non-stop mix of swing and jazz from live 1920s-60s radio – are singers Frankie Laine, Mel Torme and Jo Stafford from live 1940s radio. The last hour is all vinyl.

– New Album

Greg Poppleton Releases Volume 1 in his Three Part Album Series, ‘20s 30s Tin Pan Alley Vol. 1’.

Authentic 1920s-1930s singer
– 1920s Fun at Penrith

One of the Greg Poppleton band’s regular shows is at Penrith RSL. Greg Poppleton sings in authentic 1920s – 1930s style. Enjoy these photos from the July show…

Greg Poppleton hitting the big final note on the 1930s classic, 'The Way You Look Tonight'
– Night and Day with Swing Dancers

Photos and video from the Greg Poppleton band’s third day of playing Tin Pan Alley 1920s – 1930s jazz and swing at the 2019 Transport Heritage Expo, Sydney Central Railway Station.

Greg Poppleton sings to swing dancers at Central
– I’m In a Short Comedy

It’s a playful view of a teenager finding purpose in a world being shut down by climate change. directed by Archie Chew, written by Sam Herriman.

In the role of Gregory Gregory Senior
– 1920s Show Penrith

On Saturday November 10, the band and I returned to our favourite venue in Sydney’s outer west, Penrith RSL, for an afternoon of 1920s – 30s jazz and swing.

Greg and his vintage microphone
– I’m in a Subway Ad

This was fun. Hands on hips at the checkout in the new Subway ad. So much milk! That buffalo chicken sure is thpicy!

Greg Poppleton - Subway ad
– Inspiring Radio

The Phantom Dancer with Greg Poppleton is your non-stop mix of swing and jazz from live 1920s-60s radio and TV every week. On-air Tuesdays 12:04-2:00pm AEST (+11 GMT) and online.

2ser story
– Great Gatsby Bash

It was Great Gatsby party time with Australia’s only authentic 1920s-30s singer, Greg Poppleton, his Jazz Deco band, the All About Swing dancers and more.

Greg Poppleton - Great Gatsby Bash
– Santo Grasso Jazz Photos

Last Sunday, I took my 1920s – 1930s Jazz Deco band to Sydney Rowing Club, overlooking the Parramatta River to play an afternoon of music, fun and dancing. And there was lots of dancing and lots of fun. It’s an inspiration to play to dancers. It’s a joy to play to such a warm and […]

Santo Grasso Jazz
– We Met Micro-Nation Royalty – The Prince of Wy!

The Greg Poppleton 1920s – 30s trio has never for a moment ever dreamt we’d one day meet royalty! To set the scene, we were playing outside a church converted into an art gallery/community centre. The event was a Christmas party for local artists and volunteers… It was something of a windy summer afternoon, as […]

Chuck Morgan played guitar to make up the Greg Poppleton vocals, guitar, bass 1920s trio.

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