Greg Poppleton

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Wedding, Corporate and Party Entertainment

Wedding, corporate event and party organisers! Live music lifts every occasion. When your wedding, corporate event and party is vintage or glamour themed, then Greg Poppleton - authentic 1920s- 30s singer and band - is the right choice to add sparkle to your day. Swing and jazz for background and dancing sounding straight from the 20s and 30s with Greg's unmatched 'from another time' vocals and world-toured classic jazz musicians.


Captures the 1920s - 1930s vocal style to perfection.

Kevin Jones

Jazz critic The Australian and Fine Music Sydney FM


You did a brilliant job. We look forward to working with you again.

Richard Bernardo

Avant-Garde Events for Corporate Great Gatsby Party (Rebooked for Edwardian Event at Sydney Town Hall and 1920s Harbour Cruise)


The band was fantastic. They really made the night a success.

Anne Lyell

The Chiropractic Alumni

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