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Release date 11 Oct 2019


“Given the knowledge of the era and the authenticity of performance, Poppleton’s latest release, Back In Your Own Backyard is a real delight. It's sure to surprise lovers of early jazz that such is happening Down Under, as well as win over “newbies” to the music ... It would take an extremely jaded heart not to smile and tap your feet, much less dance around the room, to Greg Poppleton.”
Budd Kopman, All About Jazz (U.S)

9 O'Clock Special CD
2CH (commercial radio) Sydney


“Don’t you just appreciate pleasant surprises? Especially musical ones! There’s nothing like stumbling across an artist who is fresh, original, filled with musical integrity, and especially one that has a unique perspective on the familiar. Australian Jazz vocalist extraordinaire Greg Poppleton is such an artist; one whom this reviewer can’t say enough great things about.

And boy do these guys swing! Fresh and open. The music literally pulls you into yesteryear and reminds you of the infinite palettes jazz offers and a peak into where it was in the late 20s. The musicians are incredible and their presentation is flawless.”
Gerard H Beulah Jr, (U.S)

Feature Album
Women's Vintage Radio (U.S)

“Poppleton has captured the decade's vocal style to perfection especially on 'Falling In Love Again' sung in both English and German. As enjoyable as the band is to listen to, Greg Poppleton must be even better live.”
Kevin Jones FM 102.5 Fine Music

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ArtSound FM Canberra

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5MBS Adelaide

9 O'Clock Special CD
2CH (commercial) Sydney


Enjoy this perfect jazz set as you work online. Timed for the magic 53 minutes and 53 seconds

This is the full stereo mix.

The YouTube version is left-channel only.

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“Just too fun to ignore!”
CFBO Radio (Canada)

“Greg Poppleton sang all the top songs of the 1920s. There were many happy faces in the audience. Greg’s interpretations, dancing, swaying, staring and facial gymnastics made the music all the more interesting and amusing.”
Warren Fahey AM, music historian, record producer (Festival)

“Absolutely flooring. Greg Poppleton’s 1920s - 1930s jazz and swing always hits the spot.”
Women's Vintage Radio (U.S)

“Awesome. Totally fun,”
Jesse Miner Swing Podcast (USA)

“Greg nails the 1920s vocal stylings”
Bill Lawson, Radio Adelaide

Album Of The Week
102.5 FM Fine Music


Enjoy this sunny mix of songs from the 1920s and 30s sung by Greg Poppleton.

Greg Poppleton is also a film and TV actor who has appeared in 9 feature films, 20 TV shows and 60 TV commercials, as well as roles in short film, corporate videos, music videos, stage, as a voice artist and in radio.

In movies he’d played scenes opposite Academy and Golden Globe winning actors Nicole Kidman, Adrien Brody and John Goodman. I have been directed by Baz Luhrmann, Michael Apted and Michael Petroni.

“At the Melbourne Jazz Festival and the Thredbo Jazz Festival I saw some great acts. I made Greg Poppleton an offer [to play at the Waiheke International Jazz Festival] on the spot.”
John Quigley, Director Waiheke International Jazz Festival,