Greg Poppleton Makes 1920s-30s Pop

1.15 Million Total YouTube Plays
Authentic 1920s - 1930s Jazz Singer

"It would take an extremely jaded heart not to smile and tap your feet, much less dance around the room to Greg Poppleton."
Budd Kopman, All About Jazz (U.S.A)


Totally Untouched by Contemporary Music

Greg Poppleton is the real 1920s - 1930s singer.
Based in Sydney, Greg has loved the music of the Gatsby age and Swing Era since first seeing Louis Armstrong on TV at age 3.  
"Boy, do these guys swing!", (USA)

Greg is the most listened to 1920s-30s jazz singer in Australia. Festivals, clubs, weddings, corporate events and house parties, the stats prove it:
- 1.15 Million total YouTube plays.
- 4 Radio Jazz Albums of the Week
- 2 CDs featured on the Bob Rogers Show
- 1 award-winning national weekly jazz radio show

You've seen Greg on film and TV with Hollywood stars Nicole Kidman, Adrien Brody and John Goodman. Film Website.

The Poppleton Effect

"The way that Greg moves round the audience
and picks out whoever he will,
and sings to them through his own megaphone;
you see the crowds get a thrill. 

He sings songs from back in the twenties,
and he dresses in clothes from back then.
The consummate entertainer,
we could have him back time and again." 
© Kerrie Foster

Love It

Highlight events for Greg include Sydney Festival, Waiheke Festival (NZ), Sunset Jazz Darwin, Thredbo, Dubbo, Glen Street Theatre and Illawarra Jazz Festivals, Art and About, Gin Mill Social, Rocks Village Bizarre, Aroma Festival, Tea Festival, Sydney Harbour Bridge 75th Anniversary, Film Australia's 60th, Weddings, Corporate Events and Parties. BOOK NOW

More than 1 Million YouTube plays


Live restaurant performance


The Charleston - Greg Poppleton Speakeasy show with All About Swing dancers