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“FIVE STARS - Poppleton’s vocals capture the essence of the 1920s - 1930s with uncanny accuracy.”
John Gilbert
eJazzNews (U.S)



“It would take an extremely jaded heart not to smile and tap your feet,
much less dance around the room, to Greg Poppleton”
Budd Kopman
All About Jazz (U.S)

The band were fantastic. They really made the night a success.
(background photo is from this event)
Anne Lyell
The Chiropractic Alumni (Aust.)


“Last year at the Melbourne Jazz Festival and the Thredbo Jazz Festival I saw some great acts. I made Greg Poppleton an offer [to play at the Waiheke International Jazz Festival] on the spot.”
John Quigley, Director Waiheke International Jazz Festival, (NZ)

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