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When you think of a band playing 1920s - 1930s jazz and swing, do you think?...

2. More than 1 MILLION YouTube plays? 
3. True-to-the-era vocals with BRILLIANT musicianship? 
Probably not. 

But Greg Poppleton, authentic 1920s - 1930s singer and band, has all of the above.  In his own words...

"Hooked on jazz from age three. That's when I saw Louis Armstrong on TV. I've never had any interest in contemporary music since. 

That what makes me such a completely original singer, I don't sound like anyone else. I sound straight out of  the 1920s and 30s.

“Jazz is about the here and now,” I said in a radio interview. “Even in a show of 1920s-30s songs, everything is improvised on the spot. That makes the music fresh, alive and exciting.” 

Some say I'm a vaudevillian. I'm certainly high-energy.

The musically lactose-intolerant say, "More, please!" 

People with allergies to the current plague of cutsey jazzbirds of both male and female plumage throw away their epi-pens. 

That's why critics write that I capture the 1920s - 1930s vocal style to perfection. 

I was auditioned twice for the band leader role in Baz Luhrmann’s Great Gatsby. 

And ‘They Didn’t Believe Me’ from my new album ‘Back In Your Own Backyard’ was picked for the soundtrack of a new German-Israeli movie co-production, The Cake Maker. 

I'm a feature film, TV, stage actor and voiceover - worked with Nicole Kidman, John Goodman and Adrien Brody. 

And if you need a 1920s Orchestra, I lead one of those: The Lounge Bar Lotharios

I've released four albums. Two have been played on commercial radio."

Online Stats

- Percentage of Greg Poppleton viewers and play list makers aged 18 - 44?

- Male/Female split?

- Biggest online audiences?
USA, Germany, Italy, Japan, France, Spain and Mexico


- World's first 2016 International Jazz Day Event,
- Sydney Festival,
- Waiheke International Jazz Festival NZ,
- Thredbo,
- Illawarra,
- Dubbo,
- Glen Street Theatre Jazz Festivals,
- Blue Mountains 1920s Festival (5 times),
- Moocoobooloo Festival,
- Sydney Aroma Festival,
- Kings Cross Festival,
- Randwick Eco-Fair,
- Canada Bay Tea Festival (2 times),
- Ashfield Carnivale,
- Kino Kabaret,
- Young At Heart

Annual Great Art Deco Ball residency sells out months in advance.

Resident 1920s singer and band for the monthly Gin Mill Socials, Slide Cabaret.

Greg Poppleton interview in the New Zealand vintage magazine 'Glory Days'.

Greg Poppleton interview in the New Zealand vintage magazine 'Glory Days'.


Absolutely flooring. Greg Poppleton’s 1920s – 1930s jazz and swing always hits the spot. So authentic.
— Women’s Vintage Radio (U.S)
Damn, I wish I had known you when we had a theatre. We would have called you over to perform with us in a minute! Your great voice, your ability to ‘sell a song’ and your particular energy came across as completely American while sounding Australian! And that trio is an absolute knockout.
— Lance Belville, Writer / Theater Director, San Francisco
Captures the 1920s - 1930s vocal style to perfection.
— Kevin Jones, jazz critic The Australian and Fine Music Sydney FM
5 STARS. Poppleton’s vocals capture the essence of the swing years with uncanny accuracy.
— John Gilbert, eJazzNews (U.S.)
Greg Poppleton sang all the top songs of the 1920s. There were many happy faces in the audience. Greg’s interpretations, dancing, swaying, staring and facial gymnastics made the music all the more interesting and amusing.
— Warren Fahey AM, music historian, record producer (Festival)
Thank you for the most amazing gig and for asking me to sing with you...what an honour. You had the audience eating out of the palm of your hand. They loved you and Cazzbo on sousaphone hit the spot as well. We will definitely get you back some time.
— Shelley Rae King, President Illawarra Jazz Club
Awesome. Totally fun.
— Jesse Miner - ‘Hey, Mr Jesse’ Swing Podcast (USA)
Greg has the natural knack of sounding exactly like a 1920s / 1930s singer.
— John Buchanan, Jazz Concert and Festival Producer
Greg nails the 1920s vocal stylings.
— Bill Lawson, Radio Adelaide
Boy do these guys swing!
— Gerard H Beulah Jr, JazzReview.com (USA)
Greg Poppleton was considered a little eccentric growing up in the mid-‘70s. As his mates brought the Sex Pistols’ album or sung along to Queen on the radio, he was rifling through the back shelves of music stores looking for recordings from the 1930s Swing Era.
— Sue Javes, Sydney Morning Herald

 Greg is the 1920s - 30s theme Wedding, Corporate Event, Birthday Party specialist